What's the Most Important Feature When It Comes to Web Hosting?

by IC

Kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes and so on, what does it all mean to you? Are flashy numbers the main reason why you sign up with a particular service or is it perhaps something else? -- The world of web hosting is somewhat complex and tricky, sometimes hosting providers know that their end users don't know much about their services or how to operate a web host environment, some do but that is just the minority.

When choosing a hosting provider it is very common to want to know more about the features offered in their packages and what their pricing for those packages are however, these are not the most important things that you should be looking at in order to decide whether or not a hosting provider will be best suited for you, let's take a quick look at some of the features that you should really be paying attention to.


It can be a very frustrating experience to have to modify or add some content to your website if at the time you decide to do so your site is down, this has happened to everyone and in some cases it can represent a serious loss of revenue. Most companies if not all, run serious advertising campaigns around their uptime and reliability but you might find it shocking that the most popular hosting companies are the ones which have a lot of downtime, why is that you may ask? -- The reason is simple, when they create too many accounts on the same machine the server tends to get a bit crowded and it may go down if a website or a group of websites start to consume too many resources, you can think of it as a program using too much of your RAM which may leave no resources for the rest of your programs to run efficiently.


This is a very dark area is not often mentioned as one of the main features you should be looking at when choosing a hosting company, if you are like most people then you started by choosing the most basic program which is often the virtual or shared environment, virtual hosting is very efficient when you want to run websites which are basically small, don't have much traffic and do not consume too many system resources, if your operation starts to grow that you will obviously want to have more power and a more capable server which is the main reason why many webmasters decide to upgrade to either a VPS or a dedicated machine, if you made the mistake of choosing a company which doesn't offer services beyond virtual hosting then you will find a serious problem because you will need to migrate all of your content to accompany which can accommodate your websites and provide all the power and features you need in order to run your business.

Customer service and support:

This is the last feature that were our going to list but this doesn't mean that it is less important, on the contrary this is the one feature that you should base your decision on, having tons of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail addresses and databases is not going to do you any good if by the time you decide to use those features you have problems making them work properly or if you just need to help setting them up. Expert customer service will make a lot of difference in your online business, especially if you don't know much about scripts, databases and optimization, modules, etc.

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