Is Managed web hosting the only choice

by Jessica Thomson

The procedure of getting a website on the Internet is known as Hosting. For getting a website continually on the Internet, individuals create their own websites by taking help of an Internet Service Provider. Web hosting services are offered by several companies at special packages. For big organizations or clients requiring professional support for their needs as well as are ready to pay extra money, then Dedicated Hosting is favorable. There are several advantages of dedicated hosting but they are much more costly as compared to the ordinary hosting.

Everyone desires to perceive their website on search engines at the top place. This can be achieved only through hosting their site with a consistent web hosting solution supplier. Nowadays, there are many web hosting companies providing solutions of web-hosting in the most excellent way. The selection of suitable web hosting company is capable of putting your website to the topmost level on the visibility of search engine.
Managed hosting is a form of Internet hosting utilizing a Dedicated Server. Utilizing a dedicated service similar to this, allows you to have absolute control over the operating systems, the hardware, programs and other requirements. The administration of server is normally provided all the way through hosting company as an attached service. In several cases, a managed or dedicated hosting service is capable of having smaller amount of overheads and can charge much less to purchase on behalf of company. Managed services are capable of providing:

  • Procurement of equipment.

  • Installation and provisioning.

  • Network supervising.

  • Continuous network management.

  • Maintenance support for different locations all over the world.

The most important benefit of managed hosting is its cheaper cost. Most of the suppliers offer their bandwidth and services for a cheaper rate. By utilizing managed hosting the users are not required to buy any additional equipment like networking software or servers for hosting their website. An additional reason why users favor managed web hosting as the preferred choice is because of all additional features that arrive through package. There are many companies specializing in managed web hosting packages. The best way to choose the right managed web hosting service is by searching online and to do research on different options that are available with you.

Managed hosting maintains the client's information security from hacks and malware that might be coming from other companies if a server is shared. Due to additional web hosting services offered through a managed hosting company you are free to operate your business. The services and features related to managed hosting comprises of database and application management, high-availability services and load balancing.

Thus, there are several options available in the market for web hosting but Managed Web Hosting can prove to be the best choice due to innumerable benefits provided by it.

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