Is Free Web Hosting Worth It?

by David O Connell

Even though everyone likes to get something for nothing, the truth is that when it comes to your web host, choosing the best host possible is important if you want your new online business or website to succeed. Web hosts provides you with the online space needed to upload your website, so choosing a host you can't rely on isn't worth it.
Unfortunately, most free web hosts are just that – unreliable. Because free hosts can shut down in a moments notice, your site will become inaccessible and you will have to transfer your domain name to another host in order to get back online.

Free or Cheap Web Hosting

What is Free Web Hosting?
Free web hosting is free, sort of. To stay in business, free web hosts offer advertising space to businesses and others for a fee. As a result, when you sign up to receive space for your web site, you will have no control over the types of ads that will appear on your site. This can be very distracting to visitors and could damage your reputation as a legitimate business owner.

The biggest problem when it comes to using free web hosting services is that if the host doesn't earn enough revenue selling ad space, it may shut down. This can happen at any time, so it's important when choosing a free web host to find one that is profitable.

Domain Names
When you sign up to receive free web hosting services, your domain name will look something like this: www.thisismybusiness@freewebhost.com. If you're trying to start a business, visitors may be turned off by your URL. This is because they know you're not paying for web hosting and may wonder if you cut corners anywhere else as well.

While the Internet can be a wonderful place to buy and sell goods and services, consumers must be wary about identity theft, scams and other Internet crimes. A URL that's connected to a free web host can signify to customers that you're business is not legitimate.

Limited Storage Space
For those starting an Internet business, finding a web host that provides enough storage space for large media files, shopping cart software and other items is important. Most free web hosts simply do not provide enough storage space.

Creating Personal Websites
By now, you should realize that free web host services are not the best choice for business use. But if you want to test your website to see how it looks online or you want to create a personal website, free web hosts are suitable.

Even though you will have to accept the ads that will be placed on the site, if you just want to create a blog or share photos with family or friends, then a free web host is a cost effective alternative to paying monthly fees for additional space and features you may not use anyway.

In the end, when it comes to using a free web host, understanding your needs and weighing your options are best. For those starting a small business, opt for standard hosting services for the added security and features that can help you succeed.

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