The Free Website Hosting That is Right for You!

Have you been considering getting your own website? Perhaps you have a small home business that you want to promote? Perhaps you are part of a group that needs a space online. Perhaps you have a passion and would like to share it with the world. Having your own website will allow you to connect with people all across the world and let them know whatever you are thinking or feeling about a particular subject. More and more people are choosing to use websites to voice their opinions or show their support for an idea or movement. If you have been considering setting up your own website, then you do not need to spend an arm and a let to make it happen – in fact, you can make your own website that will only cost you a little time and effort. Free website hosting is a great way to let you have your own website, without having to commit to payments and registration fees.

Free Website Hosting – The Basics

Many people would like to have their own space online that they can devote to their particular passions and interests. However, most people would not like to pay a hefty monthly fee to do this! This is where free website hosting comes in. There are companies that are able to give you a website free of charge, with some restrictions and conditions. Generally, if you choose a free website one thing you will have to put up with is advertisements. This is how these companies make their money and are able to offer you the space for free, so it is something you will just have to learn to live with. You will also not be able to choose your own unique domain name. You will normally be able to choose part of the domain name, but it will also have the name of the hosting site added onto it. Apart from these minor points, free website hosting is a great way of getting your own website up and running.

Free Website Hosting – How to Get Started

The first thing that you need to do is to find a good free website hosting company. There are several out there, all offering a different look and several different features. It can be hard to know which company to choose, but you can make this easier on yourself by spending some time researching the major companies and what they offer to members. There are several features which should come as standard, even with free website hosting. The first will be the possibility to personalize your domain name. As we mentioned, you will not be able to have a domain name that is completely of your own choosing, however you will be able to choose part of it. The second feature that you will want to look at will be bandwidth size. Put simply, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded to and from your page. If you are only having a small, basic website you will likely not need too much bandwidth, but it is still a good idea to have the most possible for a free account. Another feature that will be helpful to you is webpage statistics. This can give you useful figures on how many people visit your site and so on, so that you can see how well your page is doing.

Free Website Hosting – Making Your Page Your Own

Once you have your free website, you can start to personalize it. You should have access to some design features through your free website hosting company, and you can use these to make a nice looking website. The look of your website is very important. It should reflect your own personality, plus the subject matter you are creating the page for. It should be the sort of place that people want to stay in and look around. Try to choose colors that are warm and inviting, and add photos that are relevant for people to look at. Many people like to look at pictures and graphics, so it is important to include these as an element if you can. When you have your page up and running, you need to start letting people know that it is out there. You can invite your friends and family, and you can advertise in relevant publications if you wish. A good way to direct people to your site is to post the address on other related websites. If you spend time searching for these sites and contacting them to add your link, it should pay off very well for you. Then, all you have to do is to sit back and watch the number of people visiting your site grow and grow!