Is There Really Such Thing as Free Domains and Free Web Hosting?

Have you ever heard the saying that there is not such thing as a free lunch? Well, that’s not necessarily true these days! If you are considering setting up your own website, there are freebies that you can get that will make the exercise a little cheaper for you. You might want to set up your own website for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you are passionate about a certain subject, such as Ancient History or the Big Bang Theory. Perhaps you want to raise awareness about an issue such as cancer research. You might also have a small home business that you would like to take online. Whatever your reasons, the Internet is a great way to reach out to people from all around the world. Never before in history have regular people been able to interact with so many other people from different countries and cultures, and the technology of the Internet is to thank for that. So, if you are considering setting up your own website, how do you find out what you can get for free?

Free Domains and Free Web Hosting – Can You Get a Free Domain Name?

If you do an online search, you might come up with a few sites that are offering free domain names. Unfortunately, although there are free things you can get for websites, this is generally not one of them. Most of these sites are scams, and will require you to fill out endless surveys, refer your friends, and purchase items from other sites before you will be able to get anything at all. It is a good idea to stay away from these sites. If you want to get a domain name, they are not all that expensive, and you can get them at a good price from more reputable dealers. If you are insistent on not spending any money, you can sign up for free hosting, in which you will get a domain name of sorts, free of charge.

Free Domains and Free Web Hosting – The Deal With Free Web Hosting

One thing that you can do if you want to have your own website but do not have a lot of money to spend is to sign up for free web hosting. Free web hosting is a great way of getting a web site up and running, although it is a bit more restrictive than buying a domain outright. For a start, you will not get to choose your own domain name in its entirety. You will be able to choose part of the domain name, but you will also have the name of the hosting site before or after that. You will also have to put up with having advertisements on your website. This is how these free web hosting sites pay their bills and allow you to have your site for free. You can also sometimes be restricted in how much you can personalize your site. Apart from these points however, you will be free to make and post your very own website.

Free Domains and Free Web Hosting – Setting Up Your Free Website

The first thing you will need to do is to find a good free web hosting company. If you do a Google search, the best sites will normally come up at the top of the results, so you can choose from those. Find the company that best suits the subject and feel that you intend your website to have. From there you will sign up for a free account, in which the site will record some of your details. You will probably receive promotional emails from the company from time to time, so make sure that you use your own email address and not somebody else’s. After you have signed up, you can start setting up your website. This is often a long process, and you should set aside a few hours to get it up and running. If you have never set up a website before you will be doing a bit of trial and error, although you will find it easier if you have some design experience. To make your website look as good as possible, try to use warm and inviting colors, and add photos and graphics where you can. People tend to prefer sites that are interactive and have things that they can look at and listen to, so the more you add these elements to your website, the more likely people are to want to stick around. The trick is to make a place that people remember and check back on, in order to maximize the traffic that comes onto your page - that is generally the whole point of having your own website!